А PRIVATE TOURS | Immersion in Ancient Greece
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Immersion in Ancient Greece

Athens – a trip to history over the centuries is without exaggeration – one of the most interesting and fascinating capitals. Being here you are immersed in a rich history and incredible beauty with all the sights around that exist to this day.



An informative tour of Athens is a great opportunity to meet with the thousand-year history of this great city.

  • Acropolis is the highest manifestation of the harmony of architecture that connects the magnificence of ancient Greek civilization with modernity.
  • Ancient Agora – the historical center of Athens. The whole life of the city was concentrated here – people came here to shop, entertain and communicate.
  • Plaka is the oldest district of the city and is the most picturesque place of Athens, famous for its beauty and authenticity.
  • The Library of Hadrian is an architectural complex having its own unique character in the history of mankind.
  • Monastiraki – one of the oldest districts of the capital of Greece, located in the very center. This area is rich in architectural landmarks from different eras.
  • Areopagus is the preaching place of Paul the Apostle. This attraction of Athens is interesting not so much for its visual appeal, as for its long and very interesting history.
  • The Roman Agora is a historical market. At that time, residents here made purchases, discussed political and cultural issues of the country.
  • Anafiotika is a small historical village in the center of Athens.
  • Tower of the Winds – the oldest meteorological monument.
  • Amphitheater – Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Herodion). The Odeon was used for musical concerts and accommodated 5,000 spectators.


It’s just impossible to miss when traveling to Greece. Here are unique antique attractions, we literally immerse ourselves in history and turn into the modernity of our time. We all remember the numerous and exciting stories from the mythology of ancient Greece. And now you have a chance to immerse yourself in a powerful ancient civilization.


Individual excursion

Duration approximately

2 hours


80 € for 1-2 people and 35 € for each next person


The cost of the excursion entrance tickets to historical sites are not included. You can visit them by yourself of your choice at any time or after excursion. The entrance fee for visiting the Acropolis only is 20 €. A comprehensive ticket to visit the Acropolis + Ancient Agora, the Theater of Dionysus, the Roman Agora, the Temple of Zeus, the Library of Hadrian, the Cemetery of Ancient Athens - Ceramics, the total cost of a ticket is 30 €. Children under 18 are free.

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